Saturday, July 22, 2017

Suppression of women on the pretext of Islamic regulations in Iran

Suppression of women on the pretext of Islamic regulations in Iran
NCRI - Iran's police commander in Isfahan province said: "Isfahan is different from other provinces and public chastity should be preserved more than other provinces / we disagree with women cycling."ISNA state run news agency reported on Wednesday July 19, 2017 that Brig. Gen. II, Abdul Reza Aghakhani, told a press conference that the other police challenge is public chastity,
and added: “In the debate on the public chastity,28 entities have to enter, but unfortunately some of them act weak. Isfahan is different from other provinces, and public chastity should be maintained in this province more than other provinces, and the police have entered with all force in this matter.”
The regime's police commander added: "20 guidance patrol guides have been set up to carry out duty in the city's bottlenecks in the morning and in the evening."
Abdul Reza Aghakhani continued: "We deal with cars with tinted glass. Inside of the car should be visible from the distance of 3 meters. Since the beginning of the year, 25,000 vehicles have been dealt with for tinted glasses.”READ MORE 

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